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If you want to find out what is happening in the run-up to the Chicago Summit, don’t forget to check on NATO’s newest social media platform. WE-NATO is a multi-media, interactive hub that hosts a wide-range of opinions recorded in a variety of formats on topics related to transatlantic and global security.  The contributors include academics, NATO officials, bloggers and activists, as well as everyday opinion-holders.
Some recent highlights include :
Kristin Durant
Benefiting from the contributions of individuals outside of the NATO organization, WE-NATO endeavours to build a community of and an environment for individuals from any background who want to contribute and share ideas with NATO officials, academics, social media activists and bloggers and where just about anyone else can stop by and discuss issues of critical relevance to NATO’s current agenda.

Are you interested in NATO ? Do you have an opinion about something you read on WE-NATO today ? Then join the discussion ! Leave a comment or contact us
Other ways to connect ! NATO is also on Facebook (, Google Plus (, Youtube ( , Twitter (@nato) and

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